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Asteroid Privacy Policy


This Policy describes how Asteroid, including its related companies which handle personal information, collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information consistent with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

An individual who provides personal information to Asteroid is given access to this Policy. By providing personal information to Asteroid, and by having access to this Policy, an affiliate consents to Asteroid collecting, holding, using and disclosing personal information in accordance with the Policy.


In this Privacy Policy:
'Our', 'Us' and 'We' refers to Asteroid of Australia, ABN 44 634 752 499.

'Personal Information' means any information or an opinion that can identify an individual. It is still personal information whether or not it is true.

'Related Company' has the same meaning as Section 50 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

'You' refers to our Independent BlockClaim™ Affiliates (IBAs) or customers or prospective customers of IBAs or Asteroid (Clients). It also generally refers to users of our Websites. Unless the contrary intention applies, words or phrases defined in the Independent BlockClaim™ Affiliate (IBA) Application and the Rules of Conduct for IBAs (together forming ‘the Contract’) that are not defined in this Policy have the same meaning given to them in the Contract.


As outlined in this Policy, we collect personal information only if you are an Asteroid Independent BlockClaim™ Affiliate (IBA) or a Claimant.

The types of Personal Information that we may collect from you and how we use it will depend on the products, services and facilities you use, how you use them and upon your status as an IBA or Claimant.


Personal information collected by Asteroid includes your first, middle and last names; postal address; delivery address; email address; telephone number/s; gender; date of birth; credit card and bank account details.

If you do not provide this information we may not be able to process your application for registration, or provide you with BlockClaim™ or membership services offered in connection with the Asteroid protocol.


Wherever possible we collect personal information directly from you. We may collect your personal information via one of our websites, by telephone, facsimile, when you complete and submit an application form to become an IBA or Claimant, enter a competition or voluntarily participate in a survey.

There may, however, be occasions where we collect your personal information from someone else. For example, where an application is made in joint names or where it is provided to us by a third party with your consent.

We are committed to keeping your personal information secure and will use all reasonable precautions to protect it from interference, loss, misuse or unauthorised modification, including:

·       Securing external and internal premises;

·       Restricting access to your personal information to employees or those who perform services on our behalf who are authorised to handle your personal information and on a 'need to know' basis;

·       Entering into confidentiality agreements with relevant employees and third parties;

·       Adopting a Personal and Confidential Information Policy for employees;

·       Appropriate training of staff;

·       Retaining your personal information for no longer than it is reasonably required to meet the purposes described in this Policy;

·       Taking reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify personal information that is no longer required.


We collect personal information to assist IBAs to operate their Independent Businesses. More specifically, we collect and use personal information in order to process applications and orders, deliver ordered products, calculate and process payments and refunds and to confirm identification.

If we do not collect your personal information, or if you provide us with inaccurate or incomplete information, we may not be able to provide you with the product or service, assist IBAs to operate their Independent Businesses or fulfil the other purposes for which we collect personal information.

Your personal information may also be used by us for purposes such as marketing and business analysis.


From time to time we may use your personal information to provide you with direct marketing information about the products and services that we offer. If you do not wish to receive this information, you may unsubscribe at any time by sending a request to us at

You have an option to opt out of receiving direct marketing materials each time you receive direct marketing communications from us.

IBA Stored Payment Details

IBAs upline in your affiliate line may manage you or your claims with your consent by placing or altering them on your behalf and charging them to your stored card(s) on our computer system. The details of your stored credit card(s) will not be disclosed to the IBA placing a standing order on your behalf during this process.

If you do not wish IBAs upline in your affiliate line to manage your standing orders you should advise them and us accordingly.

Every IBA is obliged to comply with this Privacy Policy and the privacy and confidentiality rules in our IBA Rules of Conduct.

If you should have any concerns in relation to the use of personal information by any IBA, you should contact us at


We never sell, rent or trade your personal information.

We may disclose your personal information to Related Companies and third-party service providers.

For example, we disclose your personal information to third-party service providers to perform activities in connection with the purposes described in this Policy.

These disclosures include:

·       where a product or service you wish to acquire is provided or supplied by or through a third party such as a HyperLedger Fabric Blockchain;

·       where a third party, such as a mailing house, carries out activities on our behalf;

·       if disclosure is otherwise required in order to provide you with a service;

·       in order to ensure our ability to continue providing services;

·       if disclosure is required for the purposes of conducting business analysis in order to improve services;

·       if disclosure is required by law;

·       where you have provided your consent, which may be given expressly or may reasonably be implied by your conduct.


We require related and unrelated third parties to whom your personal information is disclosed to keep the information confidential and only use it for the same purposes we are permitted to use it.

Some of the organisations to which Asteroid will disclose personal information are located outside Australia. These organisations include Asteroid entities or suppliers in Singapore, India and servers located worldwide. This is especially so if you have an international business. We take reasonable steps to ensure that all overseas recipients of personal information comply with common Privacy Principles.

(i) Claimants
In addition to what is detailed above, if you are a Claimant, personal information including your name, identification number, contact details and the value of the claim(s) you have made will be disclosed to your referring or IBA, or the current IBA servicing you. IBAs upline affiliate in your referring IBA’s line of affiliates will also have access to your identification number and the value of your purchases, but not your name and contact details.

(ii) IBAs
In addition to what is detailed above, if you are an IBA, personal information including your first, middle and last names; postal address; delivery address; email address; telephone number/s; gender and date of birth will be disclosed to your upline IBA so that they may fulfil their affiliate duties. If necessary, for business purposes, your personal information may also be disclosed to more senior IBAs in your referring IBA’s Line of Affiliation.


You may access the information we hold about you. This right is subject to the exceptions detailed in our Privacy Principles.

In most cases, you may access your Personal Information at no cost by visiting the section of the affiliate Website. You can correct, amend or update your Personal Information through this facility.

For complex or more detailed requests for access to your Personal Information, for example, access to information that is archived, we may require you to place your request in writing and charge you a fee for our reasonable costs of retrieving and supplying the information to you.

In all cases you will be asked to verify who you are before your Personal Information is provided.

All requests to access Personal Information will be handled in a reasonable time. If we deny you access, we will let you know why in writing.



During the course of your relationship with us we will ask you to inform us of any changes to your Personal Information.

You can also make changes by accessing your Affiliate section of this Website.

There are circumstances in which we can refuse to correct personal information. If we do so, we will provide a written notice providing reasons for the refusal. You will have an opportunity to make a formal complaint if you feel it necessary.

All requests to correct Personal Information will be handled in a reasonable time.


You have a right to complain about how your personal information has been handled. If you are concerned about a breach of your privacy and wish to make a complaint, please provide a written complaint to us at:

Asteroid will respond in writing upon receipt of a complaint.


This policy may change from time to time and all changes will be posted on this Website


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