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Asteroid Definitions

Asteroid: Collectively means Asteroid of Australia ABN 44 634 752 499, a Company having its principal place of business in Perth WA, and includes its successors and assigns.

Asteroid Opportunity: The proprietary BlockClaim™ protocol, marketing, support and compensation system offered through Asteroid and its licensed partners.

ACV:  Is a combination of an IBA’s personal purchases, including the RAC and APC purchases of their DIRECT GROUP or a combination of them;  ACV represents the Commissionable Amount from which the commissions are calculated from; ACV will be posted for every BlockClaim™ Medallion Pack’s (BCM’s) along with the Retail Price.

Asteroid Preferred Claimants (APC): Those who commit to a recurring monthly BlockClaim(s)™order. will receive a percentage ASTRcoin™ Bonus, determined by the retail revenue generated. This will be held in a virtual wallet that may be converted to the ERc20 Ethereum Network at a cost when desired by the claimant.

Asteroid Affiliates (AA): Purchase from the company at a wholesale discount and receive the difference between their wholesale and the amount paid by their customers and Asteroid™ preferred customers.

Asteroid Commission Value (ACV): Is a combination of an AA’s personal purchases, including the RAC and APC purchases of their DIRECT GROUP or a combination of them;  ACV represents the Commissionable Amount to be paid, it will be equivalent to the actual wholesale presently, but may be adjusted in the future for inflation etc;  ACV will be posted for every BlockClaim™ Medallion Pack’s (BCM’s) along with the Retail Price. 

Asteroid Business Policies: Rules and Policies set forth in official Asteroid literature, including the Rules of Conduct and other various policies and guidelines that may be maintained by Asteroid from time to time which are incorporated by reference into; (1) the Asteroid IBA Application; and (2) other official Asteroid literature or communications.

Asteroid of Australia: Means Asteroid of Australia (ABN 44 634 752 499, a Company having its principal place of business in Perth, WA) and includes its successors and assigns.

Asteroid Products: All services, including literature and other support or auxiliary materials, made available by Asteroid to IBAs.

Asteroid Registration Kit: The collection of literature, sales aid, other materials and websites that IBAs are required to possess in connection with acceptance by Asteroid of their application.

Asteroid Affiliate and Marketing Plan or “Plan”: The Asteroid system used to calculate commission and Bonus/Rebate compensation and recognition for IBA based on sales as described in official Asteroid literature.

BCM: BlockClaim™ Medallion, is a pre-paid token that is kept in an internal wallet system. One BCM is equivalent to One BlockClaim™. Since a BlockClaim™ resides in an immutable distributed ledger on the HyperLedger Blockchain a BCM allows each purchaser to make their own claim from the 937,167 Asteroids in the BlockClaim™ Protocol. In this way a "claimant" may choose their own asteroid claim at a time convenient to them.

Bonus: The monetary rewards that Asteroid of Australia pays to IBAs in accordance with the Asteroid Affiliate and Marketing Plan. The term Bonus is interchangeable with Rebate when referenced for IBAs.

Asteroid Business Approved Materials or “ABAM”: All services (including but not limited to books, magazines, flip charts, and other printed material, online literature, internet websites, audio, video or digital media, rallies, meetings, and educational seminars, and other types of materials and services) that are (i) designed to solicit and/or educate prospects, customers or prospective customers of Asteroid services, or to support, train, motivate and/or educate IBAs, or (ii) which incorporate or use one or more of the trademarks of Asteroid Copyright Works authorised by Asteroid, or (iii) are otherwise offered with an explicit or implied sense of affiliation, connection or association with Asteroid.

Client, Claimant or Prospect: A claimant of BlockClaim™(s) who has been entered on Asteroid’s system as a client and to whom Asteroid delivers direct.

Confidential Information: All trade secrets, (as defined below), lists, databases or other compilations of persons who were, are or become IBAs, know-how, algorithms, protocols, delta V, orbital parameters, spectral information and specifications, business planning materials, business development plans, business specifications and data, financial information, projections, forecasts, marketing plans and strategies, records, reports, graphs, drawings, market studies, research and development data, distribution methods and processes, organisational structures, customer lists, supplier information, identity of Asteroid’s intellectual property, business procedures and techniques, studies, test results, and all other non-public or proprietary business or technical information (all of the foregoing in any form or medium; e.g., tangible, intangible, printed, electronic), owned or used by Asteroid. Anything marked “Confidential” shall be deemed to constitute Confidential Information, provided however, that not marked “Confidential” shall still constitute Confidential Information. However, “Confidential Information” does not include any information which is in or comes into the public domain.

Copyright: All works and subject matter other than works, in which copyright subsists, that are created by or for Asteroid and/or are used by Asteroid in its business.

Digital Communications: Digital Communications are electronic transmissions (generally by computer or mobile device) of text, data, images, video, voice, and other information including, without limitation, any posts or publications made available within the digital space, including emails, videos, live streaming, podcasts, blog posts, mobile applications (apps), advertising, forums, webpages, and through any social media or messaging platform, e.g., Facebook®, YouTube®, Instagram®, Twitter®, WeChat®, WhatsApp® or Snapchat®.

Digital Communication Standards (“DCS”): The document published by Asteroid and amended from time to time, containing those terms that IBAs must comply with when engaging in any Digital Communications regarding the Asteroid Business Opportunity, Asteroid Products, or Asteroid services (directly or indirectly). The DCS are fully incorporated into, and made enforceable as a part of, these Rules of Conduct.

Good Standing: For the purposes of interpreting and enforcing the Rules of Conduct only, the term “good standing” shall refer to an IBA who is currently authorised by Asteroid to hold himself/herself out as an IBA and whose conduct complies with the letter and spirit of the Rules of Conduct and Asteroid Business Policies for each market in which an IBA has a presence; is not engaged in conduct that negatively affects the reputation of Asteroid, Asteroid’s affiliates, and its IBA; is not engaged in conduct that supports or defends the activity of other IBA which jeopardizes the ongoing nature of an Asteroid affiliate or otherwise is inconsistent with the other criteria set forth herein; is not engaged in conduct that does not comply with all applicable laws and regulations in each country and whose conduct does not demonstrate cultural sensitivity given market conditions.

Independent BlockClaim™ Affiliate (“IBA”): An Asteroid independent business conducted by an IBA.

Independent BlockClaim™ Affiliate (“IBA”): An independent contractor of Asteroid, appointed as such pursuant to these Rules of Conduct, for the sale of Asteroid BlockClaim™ (s) and Asteroid-distributed products and for the solicitation of applications for appointment as Asteroid IBAs and includes his/her duly authorised personal representatives, successors and assigns and if the IBA comprises two natural persons means those persons jointly and severally and each of them and their respective personal representatives, successors and assigns jointly and severally.

IBA Application: The IBA application along with the incorporated documents that form the terms of the contractual agreement between an IBA and Asteroid, including these Rules.

Inactivity or Inactive: To resign or not renew one’s current IBA and not have engaged directly or indirectly in any business activity in connection with an Asteroid IBA, including dealing with any Asteroid merchandise or protocol, taking an order, making a delivery, accepting payment, presenting the Asteroid Affiliate and Marketing Plan to any prospective IBAs or attending any recruiting, training or motivational meetings conducted by Asteroid or any company or organisation controlled by or associated with any Asteroid IBA.

Asteroid Affiliate Line “AAL”: The structural organisation of IBAs established by the contractual relationship that each IBA has with Asteroid. The AAL, in the case of any one IBA, means the IBA, his/her Affiliate, the Affiliate’s Affiliate and so forth, up to and including Asteroid, and all persons who have been Affiliated directly or indirectly by the IBA.

AAL Information: All information that discloses or relates to all or part of the structural arrangement of IBAs within the Line of Affiliates established pursuant to the contractual relationship that each IBA has with Asteroid, including but not limited to IBA numbers and other IBA business identification data, IBA personal contact information, IBA business performance information, and all information generated or derived therefrom, in its present or future forms. This definition of AAL Information does not include information about customers of Asteroid merchandise or protocol or of Approved Provider services who were not, are not and do not become IBAs.

Management Agreement: In respect of the conduct of an Asteroid IBA means an agreement in writing, the terms and conditions of which are approved by Asteroid, for the responsible conduct of an Asteroid Business, where the manager manages the business in the absence of the owner.

Non-Resident IBA Agreement: In respect of the conduct of an Asteroid IBA, means an agreement in writing for the maintenance of an Asteroid Business on behalf of a foreign resident IBA, the terms and conditions of which are specified or approved by Asteroid.

Personal Group: In respect of a particular IBA means the IBA in question, all IBAs personally Affiliated by him/her, all IBAs personally Affiliated by such personally-Affiliated IBAs, and so forth downline from the IBA in question, to and including those IBAs who have not themselves Affiliated other IBAs.

IBAS : An IBA who has achieved a certain level of business activity as specified by the Asteroid Affiliate and Marketing Plan.

Claimant or Prospect: A potential IBA or customer.

Rebate: The monetary rewards that Asteroid pays to IBAs in accordance with the Asteroid Affiliate and Marketing Plan. The term Rebate is interchangeable with Bonus when referenced for IBAs.

Retail Asteroid Claimants (RAC): Purchase from ASTEROID™ AFFILIATES at Retail Claim Price.

Rules of Conduct (“Rules”): These Rules, as amended from time to time by Asteroid, which define and establish: (1) certain principles to be followed in the development and maintenance of an Asteroid Business; and (2) the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each IBA.

Affiliate: There can be one of three relationships;
Personal Affiliate: An IBA who introduces and Affiliates a Prospect into the Asteroid

Business Opportunity.

International Affiliate: An IBA who introduces a prospect from another country to the Asteroid Business Opportunity and he/she becomes the (“International Affiliate”) when this prospect signs up and is being foster Affiliated by another IBA in that market.

Foster Affiliate: An IBA of Asteroid in the affiliate who is designated to provide training and support to an Internationally Affiliated IBA.


2.1 With reference to trademarks, to use a mark upon, or in physical or other relation to, goods or services, including directly or indirectly placing or displaying one or more marks on documents or other communications or websites promoting or associated with their sale, offering, advertising or promotion; and:

1. in connection with placing a mark in any manner on displays associated therewith or on tags or labels affixed thereto, or on documents or other communications or websites promoting or associated with the goods or their sale, offering, advertising or promotion; and

2. in connection with services, displaying a mark, in the offering, provision, sale, advertising or promotion of services.

a. with reference to Copyright Works, to reproduce or make a copy of the Copyrighted Works and/or to communicate the Copyrighted Works to the public and/or to cause a sound recording to be heard in public or a film or video to be seen in public or to do any of the other acts comprised in the copyright in a Copyright Work;

b. with reference to Confidential Information, to include any Confidential Information in any document or on a website or in any electronic communication, or otherwise using any Confidential Information.

2.2 All terms used in these Rules which are defined or explained in the Asteroid Affiliate and Marketing Plan shall have the same meaning as they have in the Asteroid Affiliate and Marketing Plan to the extent there is no inconsistency with these Rules.

2.3 In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires;

a) a reference to a singular number includes a reference to a plural number and vice versa;

b) a reference to one gender includes a reference to the other gender;

c) a reference to a person includes a reference to a company, partnership, other unincorporated association or other legal entity;

d) a reference to any statute or any statutory provision shall be deemed to include a reference to that statute or statutory provision as enacted as at the date these Rules were first published and to any amendment, extension, re-enactment or replacement thereof from time to time.

2.4 Prospective IBAs should make enquiries of Asteroid if:

a) any difficulties arise with either the interpretation of these Rules of Conduct or questions arise as to how the Rules may apply to particular conduct.

b) a situation arises whereby an IBA disputes the interpretation of the Rules or requires a ruling as to the application of the Rules to particular conduct.


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