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From the Desk Of Corneliu Bodnar

Dear Asteroid Australia Pty Ltd. Team Member,

History is often a great teacher, however, strategy and multiplier effects compound to enable new technologies and ideation to form new industries. For example, who would have considered the value of a simple protocol that allowed individuals to commercialise the internet in the 2000’s? Yet, here we are, in the 21st century with the largest and most valued companies in the world using a protocol that formed the World Wide Web. 


For space mining to be successful, certain protocols must be employed to enable the growth of the industry. While others are trying to determine methodology and technology to mine space, a definable and consistent worldwide application of a dataset to determine value and ownership must be employed to enable the industry to grow. It is best to reference the internet and its growth as a guide to enable us to determine the likelihood of success. Simply, the internet protocol allowed everyone a connection point to the world.

Astounding as this statement is, in fact, a simple protocol provided this access for industry, retail, personal and governmental interaction. We interact with the protocol without giving it a second thought. In this vein of thought, we shall consider the need for a protocol to develop the most valuable opportunity ever conceived by humankind.

Space exploration and the treasure it holds has been an ever-present desire for exploration. While difficult and hugely expensive it could provide untold wealth, a greener more sustainable earth, and even a safety net to prevent unwanted impacts from space objects.

We welcome you as you perceive the opportunity we have fashioned for you. 

It is a remarkable time, filled with our dystopian fears or presenting us a utopian fortuitous future. 

It is a quest for the latter that we endeavour to accomplish. 

Your involvement is what will make the difference!

A heartfelt welcome ...

Cosmically yours,

Corneliu Bodnar
Asteroid Australia Pty Ltd.

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