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"The Wealth of Space for 

the Whole of Humanity"

Our mission is to enhance the lives of millions upon millions of people worldwide by giving them hope in their future.  Sometimes, just a little goes a long way in helping people dream again.  Having the knowledge alone, that someday, in the foreseeable future, they may just have claimed an asteroid that make them royalties, is purchased by another or is hypothecated to a financial institution, allowing them the ability to enjoy their lives in a more fulfilling way, should be enough. We are cognizant of the fact that each and every human being we encounter has dreams, hopes, desires, and wants a better future for themselves and their posterity.  In a world where so much negative "gunk" is thrown our way each day, we can all be a "light" to each other, while making us dream a bit, and find our place.  

Whatever your age, background or lifestyle, Asteroid Australia Pty Ltd.'s provides you the ability to improve your life and your lifestyle.  We have invested several years and millions of dollars to create the official mining registry, which is fastly becoming the standard of the industry. 

It is a quest for us all to enjoy and share...

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