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Learning about 

How to use a BCM

These videos will help you understand a 

BCM (BlockClaim™ Medallion) 

and how you may use it to secure a BlockClaim™ 

Learn How to Pick Your Asteroid

This video is designed to help you understand how to pick an 

asteroid and how the BlockClaim™ Protocol operates.

Learn How to "Dig Deep"

This video helps you understand the Neat Sky Images, the Material Composition,

the Orbital Parameters, the 3d Animation provided of each asteroid, and finally

the actual equations used to arrive at a BlockClaim™ valuation.

Learn How to Use Your BCM

This video is more in depth.  It shows you how to use your BCM's and obtain a BlockClaim™ 

on the asteroid of your choice.  It shows how to use FIAT CURRENCY (cash), ASTRcoin™, or

use the BCM's    (BlockClaim™ Medallions)    you received upon purchasing your  asteroid BCM Package.

REMEMBER: A BCM purchased within the Asteroid Affiliate Network, from your IBA, is a LIFETIME BCM.  

You may choose when to use your BCM at anytime in the future.

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